Information Infrastructure for Research Data Management

Project Summary

The INF project is responsible for all aspects of research data management in CRC1479. This includes support for policies/processes, IT systems and training. Support for data workflows will be established at several levels, from the documentation of data in electronic lab notebooks and the “fredato” system, to the technical exchange of analysis workflows. To foster collaboration, researchers will be able to post their data and analysis workflows on a central project board, inviting contributions from central projects or other researchers in the CRC, who can in turn add further analysis and metadata.

The INF project offers for members of the CRC1479 access to the research data management tool Fredato (freiburg research data tool) via the link below. Fredato offers an easy-to-use web interface for annotating metadata and is designed for scientists to use Nextcloud and GitLab for data storage and reversion control. The INF Team provides Fredato trainings for CRC1479 members.  (please enter with your personal login data)