CRC1479 Symposium

Oncogen driven immune escape

July 10-12, 2024 | University Building KG1, Freiburg (Germany)


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The first International CRC1479 Symposium will take place on July 10 – 12, 2024, at the beautiful venue of the old University Building (KG1) in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

This 3-day symposium will cover the newest developments in the topic of “Oncogene driven immune escape”, following the concept, that oncogenic signaling can enable cancer cells to evade natural immune surveillance and immunotherapy. We are looking forward to an exciting symposium with presentations by leading experts of the field and short talks by successful early career scientists. The program also comprises a poster session. This Symposium will give you the opportunity to debate the current concepts of oncogenic signaling and immune escape mechanisms.

We cordially invite everyone to join us for this exciting symposium. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you here in the Black Forest!




Download the program here


Keynote Speakers

  • Dean Felsher (Stanford)
  • Erika Pearce (Baltimore)
  • Daniel Peeper (Amsterdam)
  • Vijay Kumar Kuchroo (Boston)


Confirmed Guest Speakers

  • Daniel Schramek (Toronto)
  • Florian Perner (Hannover)
  • Franziska Blaeschke (San Francisco)
  • Geoffroy Andrieux (Freiburg)
  • Karen Dixon (Basel)
  • Luca Vago (Milano)
  • Natascha Röhlen (Freiburg)
  • Pavan Bachireddy (Houston)
  • Petya Apostolova (Basel)
  • Rouven Höfflin (Rehovot)
  • Jan Böttcher (München)
  • Tobias Feuchtinger (Freiburg)
  • Tobias Wertheimer (Freiburg)


Social Programs

  • Conference Dinner and Get-Together, Restaurant “Waldsee”
  • Speakers’s Dinner (for invited guests only)





Day 1 July 10th, 2024:

12.00 am – 02:00 pm Registration and Reception
02.00 pm – 06.20 pm Session I and Session II
07.30 pm – open end Speakers’s Dinner (for invited guests only)


Day 2 July 11th, 2024:

08.00 am – 08.30 am Reception
08.30 am – 07.00 pm Session III, IV and V and Poster session
08.00 pm – open end Conference Dinner – Location: Waldsee;
Social gathering and Poster Prize Ceremony


Day 3 July 12th, 2024:

08.30 am – 09.00 am Reception
09.00 am – 13.00 pm Session VI and VII
13.00 pm Lunch break



Symposium Online Registration

Please register here:




Location & Arrival


Kollegiengebäude 1 (KG1)
Platz der Universität 3
79098 Freiburg


Arrival- Special Train Ticket Arrangements with Deutsche Bahn

You can use the special arrangement from Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) to travel from any German railway station to Freiburg.

The fare for your one-way ticket (limited availability) to the conference is:

One way – specific train
1st Class – 89,90 € (seat reservation incl.)
2nd Class – 55,90 €
One way – fully flexible
1st Class – 112,90 € (seat reservation incl.)
2nd Class – 77,90 €

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Hotels with reserved contingent rooms with reduced prices for the CRC1479 symposium.

Please make an email-request before booking and use the keyword CRC1479 symposium 2024.


Additional Hotels in close proximity to the venue




Organizing Committee

  • Robert Zeiser
  • Tilman Brummer
  • Melanie Börries
  • Ian Frew
  • Justus Duyster
  • Susana Minguet


CRC1479 coordinator:
Annika Warncke and Wolfgang Melchinger

Department of Hematology, Oncology and Stem-Cell Transplantation
Medical Center University of Freiburg

Phone: +49 (0) 761 / 270-71940


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